How to Increase Breast Size


How to increase breast size tips and methods

How to increase breast size

How to increase breast size

If you find yourself getting jealous of a Barbie doll’s cup size, you’re not alone. Perhaps Katy Perry, Jennifer Love Hewitt and other gifted women with D-cups exist to make the rest of us envy them, and feel bad about our cup size that can rival that of a teenage boy.

Even if men say that it’s not about the looks or the cup size, at least a tiny part of them is lying. Men are biologically wired to look for curvaceous women with ample breast size as this is a sign of fertility.

So if you want to boost your chances of being chosen (so to speak), here are a few tips on how to increase breast size. Let’s start with the natural ways first.

No Stuffin’, Just Lovin’ (the push-up bras)

You’re not in junior high anymore – stuffing your bra with tissue is very embarrassing. So instead of stuffing, make do with what you have and use a few – gadgets. Wear a push-up bra with enough support as well as a firm strap. This will make your breasts look rounder and larger.

Just an extra tip – twisting the part between the two cups also helps (you, but not your bra) make your breasts look rounder.

Silicon and Makeup for the Double Whammy!

This isn’t considered cheating, just a bit of taking matters into your own hands. Place some silicon inserts in the pockets of your bra and they’re guaranteed to give your breasts an instant boost. As for makeup, apply some on the upper curve of your breast and make sure to do both sides.

Wearing clothes to accentuate your breasts is another plus. Tube tops are perfect!

Put in some weight.Breast Enlargement Methods

Sad to say that everything comes with a catch. Since your breasts are composed mainly of adipose tissue aka fats, then you know what to do. This isn’t a healthy choice, but for the sake of divulging all means on how to increase breast size, it was included. Pregnancy also increases breast size (just saying).

How to increase breast size


Try this out – with both hands on the wall and feet on the ground, push your weight away from the wall. This works on the floor, too. Weights help as well. While lying on the floor with arms stretched to the sides, bring your arms together without allowing them to touch and with elbows slightly bent. This will allow the pectoralis muscles to tense. Don’t forget the weights!

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Bench presses are a good idea as well. Whatever you do, spend at least 20 minutes every day for your exercise.

Brestrogen bust serum

Brestrogen bust serum

If you’re on the pill, then you’re in luck. One of its side effects includes larger breasts. However, talk to your OBGYN first as this may have other harmful side effects.

You are what you eat.
In this case, you’ll be a variety of herbs and sesame seeds, among others. Wild yam and fennel are known to be effective enhancers, while sesame seeds are great in firming.


If you’re up for it, then go for it. You can have breast implants or fat injections, among others. The success rate is higher than what it used to be.

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